DIY Tinkering Challenge

2020 Winner Announced

It is our pleasure to announce the winner of the inaugural DIY Tinkering Challenge. Congratulations to Mariama Sangarie for her winning video entry Solar Backpack!

The Solar Backpack is a simple solution to a persistent problem: lack of access to electricity in Sierra Leone. We have seen many DIY solar generator concepts before, but Mariama Sangarie’s stands out for it’s user friendly design and its ingenuity in finding a new use for a kid’s backpack.

Honorable Mentions

We would also like to recognize the following projects which have received an Honorable Mention:

Door Security Alarm by Richard Ganda

Frugal Innovation by Daniel Falama

Irrigation System by Osman Yaah

Lastly, congratulations to the Finalists:

Mini Tractor by Mohamed Bella

Automated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser by James Samba

Solar Light by Amadu Jalloh

Radio by Abubakarr Sesay

Paper Bag by Muhammad Bashir Jalloh

Fuel Free Generator by Mamadu Nulador Bah

Portable Wooden Ventilator by Mark Fomba

Thanks to all who Participated. Stay safe and keep inventing!

This project was made possible through a charitable donation from MTV EMA and ViacomCBS.

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